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Southernway Nuisance Animal Control INc.
Live Trapping, Humane Methods
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About Us

Southernway Nuisance Animal Control INc.

Southernway doesn’t use any poisons or chemicals to remove animals/rodents.

Southernway will inspect your property to find out how animals/rodents are entering property. Southernway will provide written estimate to rodent proof property and guarantee premises Southernway uses modern techniques to insure rodents cannot re- enter property.

My commitment is to my customer satisfaction. Check out our business, with the Better Business Bureau not one complaint since we started this business in 1999!

  • We are fully licensed by the Department of Natural Resources in Georgia.
  • Removal of wildlife / Rodents from your residential or commercial property.
  • Southernway will inspect premises to identify targeted  animals/rodents
  • Insure proper measurements are taken to remove nuisance animals/rodents from your property.
  • Live trapping and humane methods are used

Additional Information

I have been in the pest control industry since I was seventeen while living on Long Island, New York. I was always an animal lover. We had a little squirrel monkey when I was a kid named Chim Chim. My mother also used to breed Lassa appsos.

When I moved to Georgia in 1995 I had the opportunity to work for a company that did pest control and animal control. I fell in love with the animal control part of the business. So I started Southernway Nuisance Animal Control with my wife in 1999. We still love working with the animals we remove. We have two Chow Chows and two kitties.


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