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Try It Review: Aqua Sand

ALPHARETTA -- Ruthie Bodeep is your typical nine year-old that enjoys going to school and playing with friends.  "I play on the computer and I do a lot of electronics but I also go outside," she said. 

But we found out that she's also a big fan of "Try It Before You Buy It".   What does she like about it?  "It's just seeing the products and seeing what their answer is that I really enjoy," Ruthie told us.

So we asked Ruthie to check out the Aqua Sand activity set by Spindirect.  It claims it has magic sand that never gets wet.

The $25 Mermaid Island set comes with a tank and two bottles of Aqua Sand.

Just add water to the tank and begin decorating with Aqua Sand.  At first the sand just floated on top of the water until Ruthie figured out she needed to use the Sculptor nozzle to squirt it out.

Ruthie thought the product could have used a little more instruction.  "They didn't tell many directions," she said.  "But once I got it, it was pretty easy."

After you create your underwater scene you use the scoop to retrieve the sand from the water and amazingly enough it's still dry.

"It seems wet in the water and then when you pull it out," Ruthie explained, "it's perfectly dry like regular sand."

The bottles come with a funnel so you can pour the sand back in and reuse it again and again.

But all this water and sand had Ruthie's mom worried.  "Because it's all sandy and makes a really big mess," Ruthie said. 

Sculpting the sand in the water wasn't very easy, so Ruthie never could get her scene to look like the one on the box. Still she seemed to be enjoying herself.

"It kinda' disappointed me because I thought it would look better than it did here," she said.  "But it was still pretty fun and it was really cool to scoop it up and see it was dry."

So does Ruthie think the Aqua Sand is magical or is it a wash out?

"My rating for the Aqua Sand" she said, "is one thumb up and one thumb down."


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