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Try It Review: The Clapper

ALPHARETTA -- "Clap On, Clap Off, the Clapper!"  You have no doubt seen the commercials for the Clapper.  It is perhaps one of the most popular products to be sold on television infomercials. 

The Clapper claims it can turn the lights on and off without having to get out of bed or even touching a switch.

Nan Bodeep has wanted a Clapper as long as she can remember. So she's excited to try out a new model that can control two appliances at the same time.

It's supposed to be as simple as two claps for the first appliance and three claps for the second one

While it sounds simple enough Nan agreed to try it out just to make sure.

Per the directions, Nan and her daughter plugged two lights into the clapper then turned the switches to the on position.

Then she clapped two time and three time but the lights did not turn on.  So Nan read the directions again.

The Clapper plugs into any standard wall outlet and can handle 400 watts, which gives you enough power to run TVs, lights, and more.

Nan tried using the Clapper with just one light, changed the bulbs, fast claps, slow claps but still it did not work as promised.

We called the toll free number to get help but got no answer.  We also e-mailed but after two week still hadn't gotten a response.

After trying for half an hour to get the gadget to work with no luck, Nan gave up.  "I'm very disappointed," she said. 

Her rating?  "Two thumbs down."


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