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Try It Review: Recycooler

ALPHARETTA -- If you tailgate before the big game or pack a picnic, keeping everything cool is always a concern.

For those times when you don't want or can't bring along a bulky cooler, you may have considered a disposable foam type. While light and convenient, polystyrene is nearly impossible to recycle.

That's where the Recycooler comes in.  It's a disposable, recyclable, cellulose cooler that uses eco-friendly material.  It's also made in the U.S.A.

The maker claims it's made from a minimum of 60% post consumer content and is easily recycled.

It has fully insulated lid and sides.

Laura Keim home schools her children along with two others.  So as part of a science lesson she provided some eager testers. Her sons, Sam, nine, Cole,six, and 12 year-old Doug along with a few friends were ready to try it out.

"I like that it's sturdy," Laura said.  "It can't smush and things won't come out."

We filled a traditional styrofoam and a Recycooler with ice and bottles of water then left them out in the hot sun to bake for a few hours and checked back.

The youngsters said the drinks in both coolers were icy cold.

The makers of the Recycooler say it's definitely sturdier than the styrofoam version.  So to check that out, our testers stood on top of each.

Not surprisingly the foam cooler shattered, but the Recycooler held together.

"The Recycooler held up a lot better than the styrofoam," Laura said.  "For the season looks like it would hold up."

When your done with the Recycooler, just put it in the cardboard recycling bin.

The Recycooler is available in sizes suitable for six, 12 and 24 packs of drinks at Whole foods and on-line for about $12.

You can even get customized Recycoolers that feature your favorite teams.

Our testers were impressed and gave it two thumbs up.


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