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Victim's Family Says "Black Widow" Got Easy Way Out | News

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Victim's Family Says "Black Widow" Got Easy Way Out

COBB COUNTY, GA -- She was called the "Black Widow" after being convicted of poisoning two of her love interests. Monday morning she was found dead in a prison cell where she was spending the rest of her life behind bars.

Julia Lynn Turner became one of Atlanta's most celebrated killers when she was convicted of murdering her husband and a boyfriend.

The family of one of her victims, former Cobb County police officer Glenn Turner, said they have forgiven Lynn for what she did to Glenn. But they don't feel like justice has been served by her losing her life. "No I don't," said Glenn Turner's mother Kathy Turner. "But I'm happy I don't have to see her anymore in the news or in court or anywhere."

Asked if her death was some form of justice, James Turner said no, it wasn't. "Justice was her being there (in prison), living with this," said James Turner.

Turner was serving life sentences for her 2004 conviction for the killing of her husband Glenn Turner, and the 2007 conviction for the murder of Randy Thompson, her boyfriend and father of her two children. Both were poisoned by anti-freeze-laced drinks served to them by Lynn Turner.

"My brother was murdered, Randy was murdered and this is a free way out," Glenn's brother said. "Whether someone did it, or she did it herself, this is a free way out."

Lynn Turner was found dead in her cell at Metro State Prison in DeKalb County. There were no signs of trauma to her body. An autopsy by the GBI did not reveal a cause of death. John Bankhead, a spokesperson for the GBI said foul play has been ruled out as a cause of death.
Some victim family members immediately suggested suicide as a possible cause of death but others didn't think Turner would be capable of that. Turner had exhausted her appeals in her conviction in Glenn Turner's death, but appeals were still pending in her conviction for Randy Thompson's death. "I don't see her giving up," said Glenn Turner's sister Linda Thomas. "There were appeals out there that haven't been completed. I still never see her taking her own life."

Bankhead said he couldn't rule out suicide pending the toxicology test results.


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