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Von Grey Sisters Hit the Stage with Sarah McLachlan | News

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Von Grey Sisters Hit the Stage with Sarah McLachlan

 ALPHARETTA- Kathryn, Annika, Fiona and Petra, the group of sisters ranging from 10-15, are like most teenage girls; they like to shop, read Twilight books and hang out with their friends. However, they're different; they're a bluegrass/pop/country group called "Von Grey" which just happens to be their last name.

The Von Grey sisters recently opened for emo, mezzo soprano superstar, Sarah McLachlan, during her August 5th performance at Chastain Park. The sisters started playing classical music on the piano before moving to string instruments and have since added the: guitar, violin, banjo, ukulele, keyboard, cello, mandolin, bass, viola and washboard to their repertoire. Thirteen year old Annika says, "We wanted to express ourselves. And we really wanted to express ourselves through music".

According to mother, Jill, several hours, daily, are devoted to music practice and composition in their household. "Whenever they write songs, they figure out what instrumentation they want in it and if they haven't played it, they learn it".

Von Grey initially won a contest to play at McLachlan's widely popular "Lilith Fair" concert which was cancelled but McLachlan sat-in as a judge during their audition and invited them to play on stage with her during this concert.  The experience, according to them, was "a little jittery" but once that was over they "really enjoyed it".

Currently, the girls are working on their first album and they are patient to see how far it'll take them. For more info and music samples visit Von Grey at www.vongrey.com.



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