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Radiance Solar Installs Habitat for Humanity’s First Solar Array on Home in Forsyth County | Community Spirit

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Radiance Solar Installs Habitat for Humanity’s First Solar Array on Home in Forsyth County
Radiance Solar Installs Habitat for Humanity’s First Solar Array on Home in Forsyth County

CUMMING, Ga. -- Radiance Solar, Siemens and Habitat for Humanity recently dedicated Habitat’s first solar home built in the state of Georgia. The keys to the Energy-Star-rated home in Forsyth County were given to homeowner Melonie Lingo and her teenage children Madie and Luke after 14 weeks of working side-by-side with Radiance staff, Siemens employee volunteers and Habitat construction crew leaders.

Siemens is the primary sponsor, contributing $100,000 along with employee construction volunteers and Siemens Microinverter System solar technology that converts the sun’s power into safe, affordable electric power to save the family hundreds of dollars annually on their electric bills.

“Georgia is an excellent place for both homes and businesses to enjoy the benefits of solar power,” said James Marlow, CEO of Radiance Solar.  “Over the past four years, Radiance Solar has installed solar arrays at businesses large and small across the state.  Solar works from pocket calculators to giant utility scale systems.  It works great on homes of every size and income level.”

The Siemens Microinverter System will take the power from each individual solar module mounted on the Lingo’s roof and immediately convert the DC power to AC 120-240 volts, then send it down a circuit to the Siemens electrical panel ─ for seamless combination with the utility power on the user side of the utility meter. Panels donated by North Coast Electric were installed by Radiance Solar on the south side of the roof where the sun is optimal in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Even when shading occurs on one module, the other modules function as standalone power to provide affordable, safe, clean power.

During daylight hours the system generates enough power to run internal appliances. Any excess electricity produced by the Siemens Microinverter System goes back to the grid and offsets the energy consumed at night. Ultimately, the solution along with energy efficient appliances, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and lighting ensure the Lingo family will find relief from their utility bills as long as they own their home.

“Siemens has a global, corporate commitment to sustainability so we are truly honored to work with Habitat for Humanity to build a greener Georgia,” said Steve Clark, VP, Siemens Industry, Inc., Customer Services Division. “We are pleased that integration of our solar microinverter technology is a vital component of Habitat’s mission to provide ongoing affordable housing and sustainable building practices for deserving families in the north Georgia area.”

The solar home’s Union Hill Road address is appropriate “because it symbolizes the union and partnership between the Lingos, Siemens, all the volunteers, and Habitat for Humanity,” according to Russ Hayes, CEO, Habitat for Humanity, North Central Georgia. “We believe this home will be a shining example of Siemens technology and dedication to the community and the Habitat mission.”

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