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Crime victim has no one to blame but himself, but police are grateful | News

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Crime victim has no one to blame but himself, but police are grateful

COBB COUNTY, Ga. -- Here's a story about a careless crime victim, whose carelessness in a parking lot in Cobb County actually did police and everybody else a favor. Because of the victim's mistake, police ended up with some great photos of a man they believe to be a serial criminal.

It was a big break.

Here's what happened.

In a small, shopping center parking lot at Roswell Road and Old Canton Road, a man broke into a car looking for credit cards to steal, according to police.

And he struck gold, as petty crimes go.

Police say what the man found inside the car was not only an ATM card, but also the PIN written down, right next to the card!

That was the mistake the careless victim made, and it cost him.

But that mistake was like bait. Police say the crook took that bait, immediately drove to a nearby ATM and withdrew $300 -- while the bank took some great photos of him and his SUV.

And as quick as the snap of a shutter, police got their first look at the man they believe has been breaking into vehicles at fitness center parking lots across at least two counties, stealing the credit cards that people think are safer locked inside their cars instead of inside their gym lockers.


PHOTO GALLERY: Suspect and Suspect's SUV


Cobb County Police Sgt. Dana Pierce says the man may be responsible for at least 16 similar unsolved cases in Cobb County, and more in the cities of Roswell, Alpharetta and Sandy Springs.

A surveillance camera also spotted the SUV at the North Fulton Tennis center, with two men inside.

It's a dark grey Chevy Tahoe, with aluminum 5-spoke rims, and a dent above the right rear wheel. The tag is possibly a dealer tag.

The man in the bank photos has a tattoo on his right forearm, and in one of the photos he is wearing a Red Wings flat-brimmed cap.

So if you know who he is when you see the photos that accompany this article, give police a call -- in Cobb County or Alpharetta or Roswell or Sandy Springs.

Here's Cobb County's contact on the case:
Det. Sgt. T.A. Nelson
Cobb County Police


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