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Woman says dog rescue wouldn't return her dog after rescuing it | News

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Woman says dog rescue wouldn't return her dog after rescuing it

ALPHARETTA, GA (WXIA) -- A Gwinnett County woman says the founder of an Alpharetta dog rescue would not return her dog after it had been found and turned in to the rescue. The rescue's founder was eventually arrested and charged with theft by conversion.


The situation was one that dog owner Fleeta Botts said she feared most.

"He's one of those happy dogs," she said. "He just likes to go as much as he can."

Her dog Snuggles ran out the front door two weeks ago and did not return.

"On Saturday, two days later, we saw the 'Dog Found' sign," she said.

She said a neighbor had picked up a dog that had matched Snuggles' description and dropped it with Georgia Poodle Rescue. When Botts reached out there --

"I had pictures," she said. "I didn't have veterinary records, but I did have grooming records, and I did have SPCA records."

Poodle rescue founder Deborah Blatchley told 11Alive's Matt Pearl that Botts' documents, photos, and descriptions did not match her own reports for local vets.

Blatchley also says her rescue does not accept strays, and that the person who found the dog had signed a document claiming ownership.

At that point, Botts called nearly every authority in sight. On Monday, Milton Police on Monday arrested Blatchley for theft by conversion.

Botts now has the dog.

Blatchley has since been released and continues to maintain that she followed all the necessary guidelines.

"I'm still not clear what her intent was initially, but it was wrong," Botts said.


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