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Police help students stranded by smoky school bus | News

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Police help students stranded by smoky school bus

ALPHARETTA, Ga. -- Police in Alpharetta and Milton rallied to help a group of middle school students who were stranded when flames started shooting out of their bus. 

The group of middle school students from KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools were on their way to a debate tournament in Alpharetta when someone noticed smoke coming out of the bus tailpipe and called 911. 

By the time the officer caught up with the bus, it was apparently so bad, he had to use windshield wipers to see.  Police said the driver knew there was a problem but thought he could reach the destination and troubleshoot it there.  But police say it was more than smoke.

“Our lieutenant who was behind the bus saw just a momentary, one second flash of a large flame out of the tailpipe,” said Officer George Gordon of Alpharetta Police. “Well he knew we had to get that bus stopped and get those kids off.>

The officer was so concerned they wouldn't make it to the debate tournament on time that he called other officers in the area. Together, they shuttled the kids to the school. 

There’s no word yet on how the students fared at the tournament.


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