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Tim Hudson talks private life | News

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Tim Hudson talks private life

ATLANTA, Ga. -- For decades, the Atlanta Braves have been one of best teams in baseball -- due in large part to its pitching.

And during his 14 year career Tim Hudson has established himself as one of the best. But what's lesser known, yet even more important to Hudson-- is his life off the field.

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"I felt like God had a plan for me from the time I was little until where I am now."

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There were stumbles along the way in Hudson's 14 year career -- the lure of the baseball life pulled him away from God.

"For a while I turned my back on my faith and I wasn't the kind of Christian I should have been and that God wanted me to be. You start getting selfish with things. You start playing for yourself. You start doing things and acting in ways that wouldn't make you proud as a Christian."

Hudson found his way back, and today his faith and his family, wife Kim and their three children, are the center of his life. The Hudson family even has a motto, taken from the bible.

"Luke 12:48, 'For whom have been given much, much is expected.' Kim and I, we've understood that we've been blessed more than we could have ever dreamed of, a chance to play baseball, for a living. I'm playing a kids game for living, for God sakes."

Tim and Kim created The Hudson Family Foundation --- to help sick children and their families.

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"It touched me because I had three healthy kids at home and I thought man I just don't know what I would do if something like that happened to my kids."

He's a regular in the halls at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

"These kids were awesome. They were happy and smiling, but I look at their parents and see the grief on their face."

The Foundation has given a million dollars directly to families, helping with medical expenses and the cost of everyday living. And they've helped raised millions for Children's. And yet, "A lot of times feel like we still haven't done enough, that there's still more to do."

It's a startling statement from a man just nominated an 11th time for The Roberto Clemente Award -- given to players who exemplify giving off the field.

There's Hudson's mission to help sick children, and his mission to help his brother players, inviting them to Sunday chapel.

"The locker room is a kind of a hard nut to crack sometimes. I always hear 'Why do I want to go in there I'm a sinner? I was at the bar last night. The last place I need to be is in chapel' and I'm like 'Man, that's the whole reason why you need to go! That's the reason I've gone for years.'"

When Hudson suffered a brutal season ending injury, the patients at Children's held a card making party.

"That was awesome, it really was. It was like 'Man this is what these kids feel like whenever we're able to do some cool stuff for them.'"

Tim Hudson is that imposing star on the mound. He is also a man humbled by his own life, a man called to help others.

"You never know who is in need."


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