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Phone beats website in Obamacare sign-up | News

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Phone beats website in Obamacare sign-up

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Phone is best. At least for now. That's according to the phone operator I reached after four tries and a full work day. The three times before, I sat on hold for an interminable amount of time before an automated survey came on asking me to rate the customer service -- except I had yet to speak to anyone. And at the end of the survey, the line disconnected. 


Still, it was further than I got online. Things began promisingly enough, and I created my Marketplace account. But every time I tried to log in, I would get a message that said the system wasn't available or my username or password was wrong. I certainly can type incorrectly, but not every time for more than a hundred times. 

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After trying all day I finally reached a live operator at 4 p.m. He told me the username/password messages were a problem on their end. He didn't know when they would be resolved but did say it tends to happen less during off peak hours (not during my work day). 

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He also said that, for now, the good old fashioned telephone is an easier way to get information and get registered. 

He said he couldn't give a timeline for when the glitches will be worked out. 


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