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Fulton Schools may tighten security | News

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Fulton Schools may tighten security
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Fulton Schools may tighten security

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. -- State Bridge Crossing Elementary school was the sort of place where the front doors were unlocked during the day. 

Secretaries in the front office could see out the all glass front and would wave parents into the office to sign in. But that changed after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. 

After that December day, they locked the front doors for good. 

Principal Trey Martin admits it's an imperfect security system.
"We can't speak to anybody. We're just pushing the door and letting them in." 

But that could change very soon. The Fulton County School Board is voting on a measure next week that would use the funds from the education sales tax to place a locked door buzzer entryway system at the county's 100 public schools. 

With the new system, visitors will ring a buzzer and from the front office, the secretaries will see the person on camera and ask the who they are over an intercom system.

If the school board votes to use the $427,000 for this security, they door systems will start being installed next month. 

Jacinda Cicogna a mother of two students says she loves that the schools are taking the intiative, but she also worries nothing will be enough. 

"If someone is determined to come through that door and come do harm to our children they're going to do it."

The school board votes on October 15th.

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