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Atlanta marketed as 'epicenter of digital innovation' | News

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Atlanta marketed as 'epicenter of digital innovation'

ATLANTA-- In the fall of 2013, 11Alive's Julie Wolfe shared the story of Choose ATL. It was grassroots movement targeting young professionals. 

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The video gained traction on social media. The group called it "a love letter to the city of Atlanta". Now, that love letter has a co-sponsor. 

They've joined forces with Startup Atlanta, the independent business authority endorsed by the City of Atlanta. Startup Atlanta is a non-profit focusing on Atlanta's entrepreneurial community. Now, the two groups will partner to market Atlanta as "the nation's epicenter of digital innovation". 

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In a statement to 11Alive, Startup Atlanta Executive Director David said, "We share a goal of stimulating local growth and driving progress. . . so we're excited to come together ans see what our mutual efforts to accomplish."

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