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Tornado relief group targets "forgotten towns"

Tornado relief group targets "forgotten towns"

ALPHARETTA -- Leaders of a newly formed nonprofit group called Magnolia Disaster Relief are focusing on the "forgotten towns" hit hard by tornadoes in April.

Founder James O'Dwyer said those towns include Warm Springs and Trenton in Georgia.

O'Dwyer, a University of Alabama sophomore, said tornado victims in some smaller towns haven't received as much help as those in areas that have received more media attention, like Ringgold, Georgia, and Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

"We're trying to give them furniture, housewares, new clothes, pretty much everything you need to rebuild your life," O'Dwyer said.

Magnolia is holding a Father's Day donation drive in Newnan until 5 p.m. on Sunday at the GNC on Highway 34.

Thousands still without power after Atlanta storms

Thousands still without power after Atlanta storms

ATLANTA -- A line of thunderstorms brought heavy rain, wind, lightning and hail to much of Metro Atlanta and North Georgia Wednesday night.

The storms knocked out power to tens of thousands of Georgians. As of Thursday morning, 31,000 Georgia Power customers were still without power, including 8,200 in Metro Atlanta.  

Tuesday 6/14 Weather Update

Atlanta, GA -- Chesley McNeil gives us the Tuesday morning weather update.  This morning is starting out pretty cool, but it is sure to get hot a little bit later. See the video for more.

Today's Weather

Atlanta --  Today-Mostly sunny and hot.  Highs near 93.  There is a code orange smog alert in effect.

Tonight-Staying warm.  Evening temps in the 80s.  Lows drop to 69 by morning.

Tuesday-Partly cloudy and continued hot.  Highs up to 93.

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Another Code Orange Smog Alert

Another Code Orange Smog Alert

ATLANTA -- We've been hit with yet another Code Orange Air Quality Alert for Wednesday.

Under Code Orange conditions, being outside is considered unhealthy for children, people who are sensitive to ozone and people with heart or lung disease. Those people are advised to limit or avoid outdoor exertion during the late afternoon hours when ozone concentration is at its highest.

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Highs are expected to remain in the mid 90s under hot, hazy skies through the remainder of the week. There's a chance of storms by Friday and through the weekend, but our heatwave is expected to continue into next week.

Yet another Code Orange smog alert day on Sunday

Yet another Code Orange smog alert day on Sunday

ATLANTA -- Metro Atlanta is facing yet another day under a Code Orange smog alert on Sunday.

Under code orange conditions, the outdoor air is likely to be unhealthy for some people. Children, people who are sensitive to ozone and people with heart or lung disease should limit prolonged exposure during late afternoon or early evening hours when ozone concentrations are at their highest.

Motorists are advised to fill their tanks up early in the day, as later in the day, fill-ups can contribute to the additional ozone in the air. If you can at all avoid driving, you're advised to take mass transit to get to where you need to go, which will also lessen the smog in the air.

Temperatures in Metro Atlanta are expected to remain in the mid to upper 90s, with heat index figures approaching 100. Those conditions will continue to promote smoggy skies across the area through the weekend.