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New 'Angry Birds' game to catapult into deep space Thursday | Arts & Culture

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New 'Angry Birds' game to catapult into deep space Thursday
Arts & Culture
New 'Angry Birds' game to catapult into deep space Thursday

ATLANTA, Ga. -- The popular birds versus pigs video game is launching into a new arena this week - outer space.

The successful Angry Birds game series will catapult Angry Birds: Space onto mobile devices on Thursday as the birds look to over power the green pigs in orbits around asteroids and the surface of icy planets far away.

The buzz and anticipation is high across metro Atlanta as children and adults alike look forward to the game's release.

"Yes, I cannot wait for the new game," exclaimed 8 year-old Angry Bird's gamer Aaron of Alpharetta. "The birds in space will be so cool to play!"

This new version is expected to be more of a challenge as players have to work their math skills to have the birds soar towards the pigs in the near zero-G environment.

NASA astronaut Don Pettit, who is living aboard the International Space Station 250 miles above earth, performed a few Angry Bird physics demonstrations last week aboard the outpost.

Petit release a small stuffed red bird using a bungee cord inside the station sending it into a curved trajectory.

In space, the catapulted bird would keep moving and moving without stopping for weeks or more. Trace elements of earth's gravity would keep the bird in an orbit around our planet until it eventually reentered earth's atmosphere.

The astronaut discussed the result of how the gravitational field of a planet or small body will have during the game.

"In a weightless environment, this is what the Angry Birds space game is going to be like with gravity fields from planetary bodies" changing the way they shoot through space.

Laws of math and physics will play heavily in this new game as the birds overcome microgravity and shoot across at light speed.

If your bird smashes into a series of pig barriers, you can send one or more barriers tumbling away in the microgravity environment, a state of Newton's first and third laws of motion.

Created by Rovio Mobile of Finland, the Angry Birds craze has swept around the world with over 510 million downloads of the applications during the last two years.

The new game will be available for download onto Apple iOS, MAC, Windows and Android platforms.


(Charles Atkeison covers science & technology which impacts Georgia for NBC Atlanta 11Alive.com. Follow his updates via Twitter @AbsolutSpaceGuy.)


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