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School system adopts new calendars

School system adopts new calendars

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. -- The Fulton County School System has released its new calendars for the 2013-14 and 2014-15 school years.

More than 1,300 parents and community members gave feedback on how the calendars should be drafted.

"We asked the community for their input, and parents and school staff expressed a desire to have a more traditional calendar with well-timed breaks that invigorate students and teachers," superintendent Dr. Robert Avossa said in a statement. "We also heard requests to have our major breaks align with those in neighboring school districts."

Check out both new calendars on the Fulton County Schools website.

Changes include a short break in October, weeklong breaks for Thanksgiving and spring break, and a two-week holiday break from late December to early January.

FMSA family and community enjoy fall activities

FMSA family and community enjoy fall activities

Families, students, and the community recently enjoyed a fun-filled fall day at First Montessori School of Atlanta's 18th Annual Montessori Mile. In addition to road races, the Saturday activities included gardening, a Family Festival, a Chili Cook-off and a Soles4Souls shoe collection drive. Participants also contributed to Middle School student Sarah Tolchin's ongoing effort to collect funds for Pennies for Peace and purchased homemade nut-free basil pesto made by Livia Osorio’s Upper Elementary class.

Parents and students competed in the first-ever FMSA Chili Cook-Off. Marcell Lubsey earned bragging rights and a Golden Ladle for the best-tasting chili.

Winning runners in the children's events were (1st) Matt Fumo and Amy Soba; (2nd) River Ross and Annie Ingham; and (3rd) Jack Friedline and Alexandra Lubsey.

Want to know what a day as a school principal is like?

Want to know what a day as a school principal is like?

FULTON COUNTY -- Fulton County has chosen 82 schools to become "Principal for a Day," an annual event, as part of American Education Week, from November 12-16.

According to Fulton County Schools, community leaders around the area have a fun way of knowing what a school principal takes on from day to day. As they play the role of a school administrator, the leaders will get to carry out administrative duties, while learning the demands and rewards of being an educator in charge of a school.

Some of the activities set up for the "Principals" include staff meetings, parent conferences, classroom observations, lunchroom monitoring and carpool duty.

"Fulton's real-life principals will hand over the keys to the school not only to share their school's success and challenges, but also to solidify future partnerships that strengthen the education experience for all," said a spokesperson for Fulton County Schools.

Look for JROTC cadets collecting for the Empty Stocking Fund Nov. 3-4

Look for JROTC cadets collecting for the Empty Stocking Fund Nov. 3-4

More than 2,000 JROTC cadets from 30 metro Atlanta high schools
to participate in historic fundraising effort

On Saturday, November 3rd and Sunday, November 4th, visitors to metro Atlanta Kroger stores are likely to be met by a smiling, uniformed JROTC cadet with an Empty Stocking Fund logo, as more than 2,000 cadets representing 30 metro Atlanta high schools’ JROTC programs will be working outside metro Kroger stores to raise awareness of and contributions for The Empty Stocking Fund, an Atlanta-based, Atlanta-serving non-profit organization that has been providing holiday gifts to Atlanta’s neediest children since 1926. 

Confused over the Charter School Amendment?

Confused over the Charter School Amendment?

ATLANTA -- If you're confused about Amendment One on this year's general election ballot, you're not alone.

Wednesday we asked some early voters in Cobb County what they thought of the wording, which asks:

"Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended to allow state or local approval of public charter schools upon the request of local communities?"

"It was a bit confusing," said voter Brett Atkinson.

Voter Larshaun Williams said she would not have understood it without doing a lot of homework first.

"Definitely," she told 11 Alive, "I would not have known which direction to go."

Even more confusing to some is the wording of the preamble, just before the actual amendment question:

"Provides for improving student achievement and parental involvement through more public charter school options."

There's now a lawsuit claiming that preamble wording is misleading in favor of the amendment.

50 Ga. schools 'Mix It Up' to promote tolerance

50 Ga. schools 'Mix It Up' to promote tolerance

ATLANTA -- Fifty schools in Georgia were represented at this year's Mix It Up at Lunch Day.

The event, which is part of the Southern Poverty Law Center's Teaching Tolerance project, encourages children to step outside their comfort zones and sit with someone new at lunch.

"When people step out of their cliques and get to know someone, they realize just how much they have in common," Teaching Tolerance director Maureen Costello said in a statement. "Mix It Up is a positive step that can help create schools where students see each other as individuals and not just as members of a separate group."

Nearly 3,000 schools across the country took part in Mix It Up at Lunch Day on Oct. 30.

Participating Georgia schools include:

Galloway School
North Atlanta HS
School of Health Sciences and Research at Carver

Bibb County
Stratford Academy

Become a Fulton 'Principal for a Day'

Become a Fulton 'Principal for a Day'

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. -- During the week of Nov. 12, Fulton County's principals will "hand over the keys" to a series of new principals from throughout the community.

The school system's annual Principal for a Day program puts local business and community leaders in the driver's seat at schools across the county. The temporary principals perform all the duties of the permanent ones, including staff meetings, parent conferences, classroom observations, lunchroom and carpool duties, and all the unexpected events in between.

To become a principal for a day, visit fultonschools.org.

The Principal for a Day program coincides with American Education Week, which is sponsored every year by the National Education Association.